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Star Trek Beyond Review

The Star Trek Beyond came out today.  To be quite honest I was not paying attention to the dates as this summer has been flying by.  It is not that I have not seen anything, the opposite being true.  The family and I have seen Dory, Ghostbusters, Pets, Mike and Dave, Central Intel, Independence Day, […]

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Characters – The Complete Cast

Yeah, I called it a cast as it really is in my eyes.  I put a lot of thought into the characters for the story and would like to think that the more time that I put into the planning the more intriguing they will be.   The story line of Seconds of Panic is […]

Peppers in Fire Chili

Chili Contest

I wish I could give credit where credit is due for this hilarious story:   TEXAS CHILI COOKOFF (If you can read this whole story without tears of laughter running down your cheeks then there’s no hope for you!   *Note: Please take time to read this slowly. If you pay attention to the first two […]


Sleep, Make Sure To Get Enough

Sleep My favorite saying had always been “I sleep all I need when I am dead.”  Well, my tune has changed.  From the mid 1900’s to 2000 the average amount  has dropped from 8.5 hours a night to less than 7.  Ok, who says that that a specific number of hours is imperative for us […]

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Sprint ST in Matte Black

Matte Black Sprint ST This Sprint is a bit different.  It is a shot of my current Triumph Sprint ST.  I took the shot on one of my rides, but then had the graphic artist that I have working for me add a matte black paint job to it.  I wanted to see how it […]


GTR – A ride that you will not forget

Nissan GTR Here is the GTR, actually it is GT-R, but who is really keeping track.  An untrained eye might just see this car pictured above to be another Nissan that has some decent specs, but otherwise unimpressive. There is a company, Dream Racing,  that allows drivers like ourselves to go and test them out. […]

Biz and Tech

Dynamics Magento Integration Plan – Part One

Before I get into the Dynamics Magento integration plan, I would like to first talk about the situation as this is what usually determines what you want to do.  My goal is to get Magento orders into my Dynamics GP system without re-entering the information twice.  This will allow me to do additional reporting on […]

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Gaming News!

Ingress Review

Ingress review was not something that I thought I was going to get into.  I thought I was just a bit too old to continue to play Pokemon Go though and after a week I realized that it was not fun.   I have spoken about Eve Online and fact that it takes a lot […]

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