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Everyone should have an outlet for fun and this site is my outlet. It is a way for you to get to know me a little bit, but hopefully you will also get some information that you are looking for at the same time. There are many things I will blog on. I read and listen to lots of books, love learning about healthy lifestyle with authentic cooking, watch lots of movies, enjoy video games, and currently writing a book.

Work happens as well and I have a few blogs on some of those things. They talk about eCommerce, Operations and IT.  Hope you have a good time looking around and leave a comment as I would love to get to know you.

Say what?

My wife told me that I should not go and say anything on Facebook. Sometimes I come across harsh because I think I say things at face value. So I don’t post on FB. Here though, I have free reign! So comment if you like and let me know you care.

📰 PREVIEW: No. 23 #Purdue faces strong field at @ESPNCharleston (Charleston Classic).

#BoilerUp 🚂

2018 GPUG Awards Given at Summit Phoenix - GPUG - Dynamics GP User Group https://t.co/FQn6nwLQx6

Very ex cited to get into scuba again as we prepare for our Australia trip. Wife and daughter are getting certified and I am taking refresher course @72aquatics #scuba

Maybe Amazon can add managers for its multi million dollar accounts instead of dropping them now that they selected New York City and Northern Virginia for new headquarters https://t.co/Dv2k0p8jUl

How can we still have poaching happening in these kind of numbers? Glad to see we can use technology to help save animals in crisis. https://t.co/bq47Gu5dYa @kwiktag @enchoice

I did not know that grasshoppers had suction cups on their legs to attach to glass

Watch Necro with me on Twitch! https://t.co/WKlmYitIKa

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