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Everyone should have an outlet for fun and this site is my outlet. It is a way for you to get to know me a little bit, but hopefully you will also get some information that you are looking for at the same time. There are many things I will blog on. I read and listen to lots of books, love learning about healthy lifestyle with authentic cooking, watch lots of movies, enjoy video games, and currently writing a book.

Work happens as well and I have a few blogs on some of those things. They talk about eCommerce, Operations and IT.  Hope you have a good time looking around and leave a comment as I would love to get to know you.

Say what?

My wife told me that I should not go and say anything on Facebook. Sometimes I come across harsh because I think I say things at face value. So I don’t post on FB. Here though, I have free reign! So comment if you like and let me know you care.

I received my Starwood Properties email telling me how sorry they are about having their 500 million accounts stolen. I like that they were very thorough in the details, but it was soooo long that anyone not knowledgeable in the slang would have stopped half way.

Custom game where you have to shoot only in a vehicle and the ending: PocketDumpling with the clutch Mad Max win https://t.co/k6weRWqlqY

Quote of the day: "Beer have a cidery off flavor? Simply burn an ounce of Citra hops on a bronze altar, facing east, and chant your prayers to John Palmer in the forbidden tongue. If an ice cube sinks to the bottom of a glass after the ritual, your prayer has been heard"

It would really be nice if big companies like @facebook and @twitter would turn off services to Australia if their parliament passes that anti-encryption bill.

This is could easily happen. Amazon is getting many mfg upset with their practices. An Amazon revolt could be brewing as the tech giant exerts more control over brands https://t.co/yCTIK86k0m via @Recode

Was there a windows update last night that messed with the profsvc ? I walk into the office this morning and we have half our systems no logging in with the error that cant load that process.

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