Mid Year Update time. It has been a long time since writing something to myself. That is what I think I do here as I really don’t care who looks at it. I have been crazy busy with my work and re-engaging with my wife’s business as we cannot find enough good employees. Maybe that is what I will talk about in a different post. Either way, I need to write more to get this stuff out of my head.

For the rest of this year:

  1. I need to help on my wife’s accounting and get her going on a new software system. Kind of leaning towards LightSpeedHQ.
  2. Help my dad out with setting up his business to get into a position to sell. This means a website overhaul and business process documentation
  3. Make some more progress on my scifi novel, Seconds of Panic.
  4. Get certified in Mangento
  5. Write more on my blog here
  6. Floss more (my dental hygienist is kind to say nice things about me, but I know better.)

That should keep me busy. Hope to see you all on a few more posts.


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