Arm of the Sphinx

Arm of the Sphinx  has one thing that I missed since I read Sendlin Acsends is the short words of wisdom at the beginning of each chapter. They mean absolutely nothing, but somehow they are super interesting. It has been a few months since I read Josiah’s first book and was super excited to give this a try.

Been Around Awhile

I am really late to the game too. This book was published in 2014 and I am just getting to it now. Way too late and that is one of the things about all the content that is created now a days. There is so much of it out there and unless you know someone who can recommend something to you, there is a good chance you will miss something.

This fantasy, steampunk, adventure is not the first book, and that is good. The characters are there and you know enough information about the tower. What is here is a new story that includes Senlin sort of losing his mind. The optimism of the first story is replaced with an acceptance of the darkness of the tower and the people that inhabit it.

Each of the additional characters are fleshed out with stories of their own making it more real. Bancrofts style remains here with things that make you want to read on. This larger world allows many things to happen, but then brings you into the small table that you all crowd in to have a beer and wait for someone to die.

Lighter and Happier

One of the things that made Sendlin Acsends hard to read was its pace. Clunky, but just steamrolled through. I remember telling a work associate once that

I am reading this book, but I don’t know why! There came a point where I was completely stuck in this story that could not be put down, could not go forward either. So strange. Sphinx is full of adventure. Ship combat, chases, fights and more inter character development. Then you get to delve even deeper into the towers’ story. It took me a bit of time to realize the intricacies of the Sphinx character, but they are deep.

The story continues on to give you a rich, involved experience that keeps you reading. I found that I zipped through the book faster than Ascends. Plot points were made, but not completely finished so that you know that there is another book coming.

In the end, the story brought together great characters with individual stories that helped to support a greater story. One that was no longer focused on Sendlin’s wife, but one that was more about adventure. I recommend you give it a try.

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Library Amazon Audible
  • Paperback
  • 448 Pages
  • Published July 28th, 2014
  • ISBN: 031651795X
  • English

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