Reset Magento SSL for Admin

Reset Magento SSL Have you made this mistake yet in your Magento SSL setup.  Turned on the security when you did not have ssl running yet?  I have on quite a few occasions and I don’t know why I kept on doing it.  I guess I want to make the site as secure as possible, […]

Eve Online – The start of something special.

eve online

Eve Online Back in 2006 I was looking for something to do game wise after I stopped playing Everquest II.  Since I was really into science fiction I started looking for that genre.  It was November and I just found this interesting game.  Eve Online.  I started playing.  I “flew” around and tried to see […]

Even on busy days, exercise!

Exercise all the time Exercise this week was a killer for me.  Wait, this year has been a killer for me. Judging by my lack of posts, one might see that.   The marathon sixteen hour days will do that kind of thing.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends adults participate in […]

Google Trust

How many of you think you know Google+ and what it does?  Do you believe it’s just another social network for folks to meet, greet, and share?  Guess again, it’s much more — it’s a far-reaching effort to establish user trust. Trust is Google’s financial plan. Most of the search giant’s $50+ billion in revenue […]

Dragoon Brewery Shout Out

Dragoon IPA

If you are in Tucson, hell, if you are even driving by Tucson on I-10, please stop in here.  The place is Dragoon Brewery.  They are at 1859 W Grant Rd #111, Tucson, AZ.  It is just right of the highway so you will not be going far out of your way. I have gone there […]