Galaxy’s Edge Galactic Outlaws


[title text=”Building for the additional books”] Galaxy’s Edge Galactic Outlaws is the second novel in the flotilla of novels from the duo of Jason Anspach and Nick Cole. I would recommend going back and read my first review of this series first before you read this one as this book is set seven years after […]

Galaxy’s Edge Legionnaire

galaxy edge book 1 Legionaire

Galaxys Edge Legionnaire creates some good characters. Characters in long stories are interesting. I think that is why I enjoyed the really long books when I was younger. In high school when I read “The Stand” is was 4 inches thick and had to be 2000 pages (really 823 pages, but whose counting.) I was […]

Arm of the Sphinx

Arm of the Sphinx

Arm of the Sphinx  has one thing that I missed since I read Sendlin Acsends is the short words of wisdom at the beginning of each chapter. They mean absolutely nothing, but somehow they are super interesting. It has been a few months since I read Josiah’s first book and was super excited to give […]

Aces Book Review

aces book cover

This Aces book review is going to speak about how good the book is. NOT about if this is a book that is similar to what Craig has done in other books. The reason that I bring this up is that there are a lot of reviews that are not happy with this book because […]


after it happened society

[row] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″] Society is book three of the After It Happened Series. I received both book three and four in a Publishers Pack from Audible. So as I am writing this, I am listening to book 4. That review should be forthcoming soon. NO ZOMBIES This is what I am liking a lot […]


humanity book cover

[row] [col span=”6″ span__sm=”12″] Humanity. This is the second book in the After It Happened series and to start out, you will notice that this review is really soon after I just read the first one. I don’t claim to be a fast reader, even though I have read 300 page books in a couple […]