Survival-devon ford

Survival was something that Audible said I would be or could be something enjoyable. It was in the After It Happened series, entitled Survival. This series is set in a post apocalyptic England, shortly after an unspecified virus has wiped out most of humanity. A small band of survivors establish a camp in a supermarket. […]

Nemesis Games Review

nemesis games hardcover

Nemesis Games Review Nemesis Games, the fifth book from the James SA Corey duo delivers.  It has a couple main changes. The first and biggest is that there are different stories for each of our favorite characters.  Holden and the crew get detailed in a bit more personal way as individual stories detail parts of […]

Ready Player One Review

Ready Player One is Science Fiction Epic-ness In Ready Player One, Ernest Cline has created a story that will transport you back to the 1980’s.  Not a specific time, as you can take your pick and you will feel comfortable.  It has tons of 80’s pop culture trivia, coin op video game mentions, but also […]

Leviathan Wakes Review

Leviathan Wakes The first thing that you need to know is that the author is not one guy.  Don’t go looking for James Corey anywhere.  It took me two books to figure this one out, but I was so engrossed with reading that I really did not care.  Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck are the […]