Did you know that every website is supposed to have certain things explained to its users. Endorsements are one of the biggest things that the FTC is watching. So it is important to list certain things here so that readers like yourself feel comfortable with the legitimacy of what you are reading.

People Who Employ Me

Coopers DIY, a home crafting beverage distribution company. Anything that I write about regarding beer, wine, kombucha, cider, or other fermented beverages will be inherently biased toward Coopers.

People Who Consult with Me

Various conference and events may pay me to speak. If I promote a conference there is a likelihood that I am either being paid or receiving a promotional value to attending. I will quote someone that I watch consistently and you should too, “…assume I’m being paid to speak and that any promotion of the conference isn’t vain egotism, but is in fact crass commercialism.” – Christopher S. Penn


  • I am an investor in Zynga
  • I am an investor in HSN
  • I am an investor in Sirius
  • I am an investor in Intel
  • I hold investments with RBC in multiple mutual funds/bonds
  • I hold investments with Fidelity in multiple mutual funds/bonds

Affiliate Marketing

You may see product on this site and you would be wise to suppose that I will make money off of those products if you choose to buy them. In my referencing them, I am marketing them as well.  I use Amazon, Linkshare, Commission Junction, and others who market affiliate systems. I will do my best to make note of anything specific so that you know about it. I will tell it like it is and try to only promote items that are truly worthwhile. Per Amazon rules I am stating that I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. (There you are Amazon..happy?)


You are on the internet so you have NO privacy. Please read that again. YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY. Don’t give me anything that you would not want out. This is not because I will leave it for the world to know as I will do my absolute best to ensure that all data given to me is secure, but hackers are better than I am. No doubt about it. I will also NOT sell your information to anyone. It may be used to send you emails, frequently or infrequently. There is a unsubscribe process for you to do so if you choose. I use a company called Klaviyo for that management.


Have I mentioned that all the content on this site is my own?  This is my sounding board and you may or may not like it. Either way is ok with me. I welcome your comments, but they are moderated because I can. I am pretty open though and proving me wrong makes me smarter so I welcome challenges.

Unsolicited Items

Feel free to send me anything. Don’t expect them to come back. If it resembles a chew toy, then Max is really good at relieving it of its stuffing. If you send me something to review then please do not expect a review. Nor should you rely on a specific outcome or timeliness of such review. I get up at 5am, spend 1 hour personal time, 30 mins breakfast, 30 mins getting ready, off to drop daughter off as school, then onto work 8-6, then drive home, 30 mins dinner, hour of family, 30 mins business, 2 hours personal development, bed at 10:30 and sleep for 6.5 hours.

If I do get around to that review, you will know about it. Good, Bad or indifferent. I can say, that I like my reviews to be quick, but I take a long time to review to ensure I get the idea of how something is supposed to work. I will read the book, and then possibly go over key areas before I put in a review. Or use that router for 3 months before I put in a review. Just sayin.