Dragoon IPA
Dragoon IPA

If you are in Tucson, hell, if you are even driving by Tucson on I-10, please stop in here.  The place is Dragoon Brewery.  They are at 1859 W Grant Rd #111, Tucson, AZ.  It is just right of the highway so you will not be going far out of your way.

I have gone there a few times and I will say that I am biased in my thoughts.  Since this site is about home brewing and such, why are we here?  Well, I know Eric and a few of the people that work there.  A couple of those guys worked with Mr. Beer many years ago and brought an immense amount of knowledge to our company and left us better off.  Their skills are superb, so when I say that the beer is awesome, well, you should know.

However, the beer is really that good. My personal favorite is the session. I could drink that pretty much all night. That is what a session is supposed to be like and this does not disappoint. The Dragoon IPA has a great hop to it and I usually try it again each time I go there. I mention these two because I have even went as far as buying multiple growlers for parties at the house.

The other ones on tap change on a very regular basis. Anyone that knows small brew houses wants to see changes and Dragoon does it right. There are a few there including a Saison Blue, St. Pats Stout, The Dos, Sarcosuchus, and Daisy. You need to go try them out.

The tap room is kinda small and not a lot of tables, but it is open, clean and inviting.  Some nights, you have to go outside to get a bit of chow because they bring in a food truck for your dining pleasure.  They list the company coming in each day on their website.

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