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I have been to the Dragoon Brewery quite a few times. I know them well enough and enjoy what they have done there. The head brewmaster/founder used to even work his brewmaster magic as an employee of mine at Mr. Beer. He moved on many years ago to start this brewery and has went on to make some fantastic beers. This is one of two of the first beers they brought out.

Flavor and Appearance

This is the definition of West Coast IPA. It is coppery in color and when poured it was a small, 1 finger sized head. The foam was very fragrant with citrus and piney notes emanating from the carbonation bubbles. This beer is not too clear and one might say a bit hazy. With so many “hazy” beers coming to the forefront lately I hate to say that word though. It is NOT hazy, but just not clear either. The beer is poured in a tulip glass at the brewery, but I used a pint.



Even though the SRM is only a 10, it has some really nice color to it. Initially in the pour you see a coppery, but then it moves almost golden. What really hits you is the hops though. It is an IBU count of 83 with Summit, Columbus, Apollo, Magnum and Nugget hops doing all the work.

With all those hops you better believe that they filled in the alcohol content. It is a heavy 7.3% ABV which balances out those hops nicely. I say heavy only in the sense that it is high ABV but not heavy in your gut. Unlike many west coast IPA’s, you can drink more than one of these. The barley used is pale, crystal 15 and crystal 60 giving it lots of alcohol, but not too much malty backbone.

Dishes to Pair with

Since I live in the southwest and in the desert I get to enjoy lots of fantastic Mexican dishes. This beer pairs with so many of those dishes I am really happy that it is one of the most popular local beers here in Tucson. This is one of three year round brews from Dragoon and is available in kegs, cans and on tap at all times at the brewery. If you are in the area, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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