Exercise all the time

Exercise this week was a killer for me.  Wait, this year has been a killer for me. Judging by my lack of posts, one might see that.   The marathon sixteen hour days will do that kind of thing.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends adults participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week.  I would need to cram all of that in today to make a difference.

You must have a secondary plan for exercise.  Even though my wife hates it, my workout bench and eliptical machine are in our bedroom.  That means I can hop on them any time of the day.  A quick, and I mean quick, 100 sit-ups can be done before you jump in the shower in the morning.  Have some free weights sitting next to it and you have some curls or quick presses can be very easily done.  I personally really like front raises.

Normally I won’t jump on the elliptical for a short period of time.  I like to get my ipod and mix in running, situps, and other stretches so that does not work great.  You can see that you very easily could get 5 minutes of vigorous exercise done before you jump in the shower.  On weeks that you are way too busy, that is 30 minutes that you just nailed without putting much thought into it.

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by: Rick Zich


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