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Galaxy’s Edge Galactic Outlaws is the second novel in the flotilla of novels from the duo of Jason Anspach and Nick Cole. I would recommend going back and read my first review of this series first before you read this one as this book is set seven years after the first book. In short, Legionaire hero takes up the cause of a damsel in need and finds a new space pirate who is in search of the ultimate payday.

Even though I say you should read my first review, it is really not necessarya as it feels as if this is a brand new take on the universe that is being created. You pretty much get to understand what the republic is and what legionaires do. . . but that is all that carries over. A few names do as well and it will make is somewhat familiar. 

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There is a relatively small set of characters. You have Aeson Keel, Tyrus Rex, Prisma Maydoon and Goth Sullus. They get pretty well fleshed out in the story in a first person point of view. Chhun is gone, but Tyrus Rex takes his place as the intrepid legionaire hero. Keel is the space pirate bounty hunter who is probably going to take the place in legend of Tyrus Rex.


Maydoon is the young girl who lost her father and the vengeance that she feels is what drives this story. You never really get to know for sure how old she is. My guess was 12. In running scenes she could not keep up with the adults, yet, in conversations with her father, she claims that she is almost a woman. Granted, times change.

Lastly we have Goth Sullus who is the bad guy. We don’t know much about him, but he drives the storyline with his aura. I mentioned that it is similar to other stories you might know, like Star Wars. This guy is around, but has others doing his bidding just like the emperor might do. 

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Action is abound in here and the bidding of Sullus made for lots of action in here. If it bothered you in the first book, the first person point of view continues in this book as well. The authors continue to build on the story and the universe. I know this now, but you can tell in this book that there are lots of options that will come up in the future for more books. I feel like I understand the universe a bit better now in this novel.

Final Thoughts

I really liked this book. I am huge in book series’ and I now need to get the next one in line as my audible subscription just dropped the next 2 for me. The story here was compelling and made me want to keep listening to it. The military feel was there and also a bit of heart wrench when TRex visits his love. I think there is enough in the book for everyone.  

If you wanted to try it on Audible or the Amazon Kindle you can find it here.

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