Gaming and Helpnuout

You will see quite a few game related things in here. I don’t stream a lot, but you will find me on twitch under the name Helpnuout. HelpnUout is a name that I created years ago.  I started a game called EverQuest2 when I wanted to be a healer. I was going to “help you out.” This continued into other games as well such as Eve Online. To this day I still use it in games from Ubisoft with Rainbow 6 Seige, Wildlands, PUBG, etc.

This does take a great deal of my time. Time that my wife may think, ah, who am I kidding. She thinks it take WAY too much of my time. Gaming is my bar time. I could be out spending cash on drinks and pool table time. Easily spend $20 a night on just a few drinks. I like to think I am saving us money by only buying a game every so often and get HOURS of gaming time out of it.

Gaming gave me visions of grandeur to take it to something else. One might be able to do a lot of things with my domain to help you out. Right now I am just hanging on to it and we will see where it goes from here. I have too many domains that I am doing things with anyways! Who knows, maybe gaming can take me to somewhere I really never planned. Time will tell.

If you happen to see me in a game or randomly, please say something.