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Here are a few ways for you to stop worrying and get over fear.  Don’t get stuck in a rut, but instead just move forward and decide to make a change in your life



  1. Information – You need information to make decisions.  This means that you need to do some research before you can make some clear decisions.  You and I are curious people and usually spend hours on the internet looking at things.  This means that you can only make the best decisions that you can based on the information available.  Don’t sweat it when you have to make some assumptions.
  2. Trust – You have been doing things for a while.  You know what you are talking about.  Understand that people hired you because you are good at what you do and know.  Trust yourself and get over fear of making a wrong decision.
  3. Process – This is true at work or in life.  Sometimes that answers are not super evident until you go through the entire process.  It is only then that you see the mistakes and the turns that you should have taken.  Don’t get lost in the process.  Stay focused and understand that the answer make come at the end.
  4. Opportunity – A big decision is looming and you need to make a decision.  Maybe a new job opportunity or making a decision on buying something big.  These are opportunities for you to shine.  You may not see the opportunities initially.
  5. Effort– You have to put a bunch of effort into anything that you want done right.  Do not be afraid of doing it. No matter what anyone is going to say, no matter how long it takes you, don’t let people dismiss your efforts as misplaced.

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