How many of you think you know Google+ and what it does?  Do you believe it’s just another social network for folks to meet, greet, and share?  Guess again, it’s much more — it’s a far-reaching effort to establish user trust.

Trust is Google’s financial plan. Most of the search giant’s $50+ billion in revenue comes from ads, Google wants people to keep coming back. And they are coming back — because they trust Google’s search results. Once those users stop finding relevant and reliable answers, they go away.

This means SEO is very complex. Isolated on-page and off-page SEO tactics are no longer enough. SEO is now true marketing. It’s also about social media and PR.  Bing is also in this same arena, but plays catch-up with most of what Google does.  I think that you will see that I am pretty much a Microsoft camp guy for the most part, but I have an iPhone, blog on my iPad, work mainly on a PC, and incessantly trying to keep Google+ updated.  Why, because of trust.

For you to see some of the sites that I am updating as worth your while, I need to keep my Google+ authority status up.  Credibility to those things that I post about will be important.  I think Chris Brogan puts it best.  Google is the world’s number one search engine and you better not ignore it if you are in business.

You need to join and embrace Google+ if you are in business.  Yeah, it is another social thing, but so much more.  You will thank me when everyone else shows up.  You need help, send me an email.

By: Rick Zich

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