gtrNissan GTR

Here is the GTR, actually it is GT-R, but who is really keeping track.  An untrained eye might just see this car pictured above to be another Nissan that has some decent specs, but otherwise unimpressive.

There is a company, Dream Racing,  that allows drivers like ourselves to go and test them out.  Since I really cannot afford most of these cars it make sense to have this business model to have fun with them. Here is the page for them that you can see what it would be like.  I also have the video from my ride with them.


Did you see that max power spec?  Yes, 600 horses in this beast.  Let me also say that I am quoting the NISMO specs.  It is about 3800 pounds for that car.  The engine is put together by hand in a clean room environment.  There are some other specs that Nissan just does not say as well, but really, is there anything else to not be impressed about?  Oh, and it will also set you back about $150,000….if you can find one.  It compares well with other luxury sport cars such as the Audi R8, Porsche 911 Turbo and the Corvette Z06.  If you just look at horses, the Corvette beats it with 650 top end, but it does it with a V-8 and 6.2 liters.  The corvette is still lighter though as the GTR does have a bit of extra weight on it compared to the others.  There are a ton of standard features on the GTR that I think are weighing it down.  Voice operated air conditioning anyone??

What I like most about this thing is that you do not know how dangerous it is.  You pull up to any of the three I mention above and you know that it is a killer fast car.  The GTR is unassuming though.  There are also those people that can take this care to the ultimate level and make it a real beast.  Take a look at this video.

Here is my ride that I took with Dream Racing:


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