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Instead of starting out the year with the blogs to read, I spend the year looking for good ones and list them here.   I do this blog in order to keep me busy with things.  I enjoy a lot of things, but this helps to keep me on track with my goals.  By doing it this way, I almost think of this blog as a way to the things I like without really feeling like it is work.  What I am trying to say is that there are some people that really rock the blogs and I want to list a few here just in case you wanted to venture out and see them.

I have been on numerous band wagons.  I started all pro-fiber.  That worked for awhile and then slowly fell away.  Then I was really into some of Ferris’s books.  Those were great and I got a lot out of them, but it was not the end all.  I am still a big fan of low carb diets, but those too have their issues.  So that means that I am pro-Mediterranean diet right.  Not really.  You need to eat what you want, but stick with as few carbs as you can handle with days of splurging when you want.  Here are five blogs that I have enjoyed a great deal over the past year to compliment my style of eating as mentioned just before.

Juli from Paleomg

PaleOMG –
Juli is her name and she puts me to shame.  Really.  Look at that website and you will just roll your eyes and say you can never do that.  You know what.  Your right.  Neither can I, but this is her job.  My job is sitting at a desk, not doing meals, working out and taking awesome pictures.  You do what you like and so does she, and she is unapologetic for it.  She also has a great instagram account as well.

Chocolate Pumpkin from Foodie


Fit Foodie Finds –
Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts.  Need I say more.  Another woman blogger, Lee, who really knows how to motivate.   She has some really great recipes (chili ftw) and for
those interested in fashion she has a really good look as well.

Domestiacate Me –
I really hate having to type a dash in a web name.  It almost makes me not want to go there so for you, just click the link and then bookmark it.  dude-diet-logoSometimes The Dude Diet is a little lite on content, but when he posts it is really good.  Serena does the daily stuff and her recipes are really awesome as well.  Pages and pages of great recipes and tips on how to do things.  Seriously, I will waste hours browsing.  I have taken that bookmark off of my work computer.  I will say that it is part of a bigger group called the Lifestyle Collective, but I still like it.




Authority Nutrition –
We have all spent hours (if you are reading this blog I can safely assume hours) into learning more about your body and nutrition.  This site is run by smart people.  BS in Medicine, PhD in Human Nutrition, MS in Human Nutrition, MS in Human Nutrition, BS in Exercise Science and then a couple more dealing with the business side and operations holding MBA and MS in communications.  That is enough acronyms for the rest of the day!  The point of all this education is that they debunk a lot of the crap that is out there.  Good Carbs, bad carbs, water retention, Cholesterol, Vitamin C, Ketogenics, among other things.

Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf –
You probably have heard of this guy already.  Author of The Paleo Solution, has an awesome podcast, owns a kick ass gym, coaches elite athletes.  The list can go on forever.  I was just in Reno and wish I would have had an opportunity to meet him.  He is on the more commercial side of things because this is his business, but he knows his stuff.  All of his things really tie into my life.  He is not on the recipe side of things, but really teaches a great deal about the importance of sleep and fitness and ties it into your medical and weight well being.  It is all important.  I now sleep at least 7.5 hours per night because of him where in 2005 I was pushing to get 5 per night if I was lucky.

Ok, there you go.  These are the places that I have spent the most time on in the past 10 months.  You have your reading to catch up on now.  Go!

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