Perfect Beer Pour


The perfect beer pour is sometime very eluding. Many people just do not understand the balance of pressure and temperature that is needed to make it all work out. The real key is the temperature though. Not only is the temperature important, but the amount of time you take to get it to temperature. Sometime beer is transported to you and it will start to warm up.

Temperature is The Key

The brewers association notes that more than anything else, temperature is the real key to making your pours great again. Somewhere between 34-38 degrees F is the right temp for the kegs. This is usually not accomplished until the next day after you bring it home or when it is delivered. Then you need to think about how well you are maintaining your cleaning.

beer mugs

Like any other food related serving situation, cleanliness is super important. Just like the beer is made in super clean and sanitized areas, the beer glasses should be the same. You will notice that some of the craft breweries are rinsing the glasses with water. The concept behind that is this purified water is supposed to clean any remaining sanitizer that may have been left on the glass.

Pouring the Beer

Ok, so now onto the actual pour. This is for a regular pale ale or other standard beer carbonated with Co2.

  1. Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle about 2 inches BELOW the spout.
  2. Open the spout by gripping the tap handle at the lowest point. Open the spout quickly and completely.
  3. As the glass fills slowly start to tip the glass so that 1 inch from the top of the glass, you should be pouring directly in the center of the glass.
  4. Close the tap handle firmly and completely.

These tips should help you making the perfect pour.

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