Reset Magento SSL

Have you made this mistake yet in your Magento SSL setup.  Turned on the security when you did not have ssl running yet?  I have on quite a few occasions and I don’t know why I kept on doing it.  I guess I want to make the site as secure as possible, but should be paying more attention to what I have installed!  Either way, in the beginning I would have just reinstalled, but this time around I had quite a few posts in and could not afford to redo everything.

Here is how you fix it.  First you will need to get access to the database so make sure you have that.

magento ssl phpmyadmin

  1. Open up your admin panel (cPanel or other)
  2. Go to phpMyAdmin (if MySql)
  3. Find your Magento Database
  4. Find table “core_config_data”
  5. Look for the columns “web/secure/use_in_frontend” and make it equal to “0”
  6. Look for the column “web/secure/use_in_adminhtml” and make it equal to “0”

Reset your browser cache and you should be able to log in from there.

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