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Society is book three of the After It Happened Series. I received both book three and four in a Publishers Pack from Audible. So as I am writing this, I am listening to book 4. That review should be forthcoming soon.


This is what I am liking a lot about this series. Not saying that zombies cannot happen, but just tired of them being the only thing that can happen. I know that I have not read ALL of the books on post apocalypse but really tired of the genre. What I think we have is actually worse. Humans are notoriously evil when left to their own. 

You will see this evil with the back and forth between a few different groups in the story. This is why Dan is having so much military type training for the group. This evil is going to be the end of the group at some point is what I was thinking.

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While searching for goods, Dan found some decent people. Hippies yes, but still decent none the less. This good find is balanced with another visit to the King of Wales by Steve who knows that this is a one way trip. These outsider visits is one part of the story that keeps things moving. Without these bits, the story actually gets a little slow. There are bits that are interesting, but not really enough for the story to live on it own. This is why so many people give the book, and the series some grief. Ford does not flesh out the other bits as much as the military operations.

There are so much happening inside the the base and some of them get some attention. Cara and Ana, who were pregnant, end up having issues with their babies and this creates new stories to run with and Ford really could have ran with that a bit longer, but really, I believe he gave it just enough time for what he was going after. The real story is Dan and Marie and their baby. Yes, they are a thing and Marie is pregnant. 

Stand Alone

Contrary to what many others say, this book can stand alone in its own right. The epilogue certainly gave some things away that surprised many. It was able to take right off from where book two left off, but you get enough information about each character to live on their own. There is enough information about the virus and it is revealed slowly enough for you to keep up. 

If you are going to get really particular about detail, then you will be disappointed in a few parts of the book. Gun detail seem to be pretty accurate, but there are a few ultra small issues that I have heard people talk about. They do not take away from the book one bit though.

This is not a 5 star book. 3.5 is about the right spot. I know that there are more books on the way and this is a pretty short read. That rating would go up if you were to add the first two and this one together to make one book. 

As stated earlier, making this apocalypse book without zombies to keep readers is a challenge and Ford has done a great job with it. Reading into the human process and heart makes this one to read. Give it a go.

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