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Steve Martin is one of the most funny people that the entertainment world knows. If you throw in a bit of Martin Short, you have a rolling on the ground laughfest that you will not forget. Even though they name the show “A Night You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life”, it is far from.


It seems somewhat ironic that they two of them are back in the town of Tucson that they first met to make The Three Amigos where it was the first film that they did together accompanied by Chevy Chase. This time the two enjoyed the Tucson Arena stage performing multiple skits, songs, parodies, and ribbings. It was, at times, almost a roast of each other.

I was able to get the second row seats at a hefty price tag that I was not normally one to pay. Adding on the Ticketmaster fee it came up to almost $200 a ticket. In fact, I have never spent that much on any ticket that did not include a charitable aspect with it. In the end I felt that it was worth the cost. Prices ranged from $54 to $175 per ticket and then the $20 fee to go along with each ticket.

The Show

The two seemed well rehearsed, but at time you could tell they were reading from the teleprompter. If I were to list just the one and only issue, it would be that. I asked my wife and she did not even notice, but since we were so close, I felt it was hard not to. Was it a big deal? Almost should not even bring it up.

The two had times that there were together and this led to reminiscing old parts of movies, family photos, and the iconic performances on shows like Saturday Night Live. They easily flowed together and apart when each did one man episodes. Short, in a skit pretending to be naked singing “Stepbrother to Jesus,” had you laughing all the way through. You did not stop laughing until the end of it as the one piece leotard was revealing enough to funny, but his antics brought tears to your eyes.

Amazing at any Age

Martin, 72, did not show his age at all, but also did not do many of his physical comedy that you may have remembered him for. Instead had so many one liners that you forgot to stop laughing. He had a spectacular banjo sequence with the Steep Canyon Rangers who accompany the two of them on this tour. Separately, the Rangers also performed a single song off their latest album and the fiddle playing lead was amazing addition to the show.

Maybe I cheated a bit by watching the Netflix taping of a single hour of the show, but I wanted to know what I was in for. It was watching that show than reinforced my decision to watch it in the first place. I highly recommend going to see this rare delight of entertainment. 

The Remaining Tour

They have the tour going through the end of 2018 and if you are in one of the remaining cities, take the opportunity to go see them. It will be something you will ALWAYS remember.


Steve Martin Website

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