Survival was something that Audible said I would be or could be something enjoyable. It was in the After It Happened series, entitled Survival. This series is set in a post apocalyptic England, shortly after an unspecified virus has wiped out most of humanity.

A small band of survivors establish a camp in a supermarket. As they get more and more people, they need a more permanent place. Dan leaves the crew and he was the one to find the prison. He helps to create a stable place to grow an start to train and help the people to find their place in this new world.

First Go

As the title suggests, Survival was difficult to listen to as it appeared to be the first book ever written by Ford. Almost along the lines of what I personally write like. However, I loved Dan, the anti-hero leader of the survivors. He reminded me of what I would want to do. Ford brought in detail and technical accuracy to just enough things to keep me listening.

Ford brings out what I think society is hiding. Evil lurks behind every person. It is our nature and there are those that choose to suppress it and then there are those that will take the chance when given. Dan is that old guy that would love to do something about it, but is governed by societies ways of handling situations. Give people a chance, rehabilitation, serving time…etc. Instead Dan now can give quick justice.

I am not a big fan of tension nor bore, but I don’t stop reading or listening because of it. This book started out pretty slow so you need to slug through it. Some of the character development took more time that you might want for the little depth that was created. You are greeted with some great tension as you are introduced to some of the characters. This really kept me going with the book.


I would highly recommend this book.  I have actually finished the entire series and going back for a re-listen to publish these blogs. It has a slow start, but very likeable characters. Dan is the person you want to be and the good win. It is a quick read even with the slow development.

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