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Stone IPA? Really? My wife and I normally do some sort of night out on Thursday’s.  It has been a long, but exciting week this week so we wanted something close and quick.  We just thought burgers.  In N Out is close, or 5 Guys….no, we want to sit down in a booth so a little less “fast.”  From our store BJ’s is right there giving us a close by place for a burger.  I have always liked their Porter as well so I thought what the hell. As I walked in, I saw that they just did a collaboration with Stone. Going to have to try it!

Pizza is on the Menu!

As we were seated by the greeting we walked past a table with some deep dish.  My eyes widened as I saw some crispy crust, green peppers, sausage…I think the couple thought me a bit creepy as I ogled their food.  We sat down at our table and I was tight lipped about changing my mind about burgers.  See that pizza would definitely have to be a two person deal.  So as we reviewed the menu I broke down and said that their deep dish looked really good.



Deep dish takes time though and both my wife and I were starved.  I left early and did not do breakfast, then also worked right through lunch.  My eating habits have been worse than poor over the past month and my belly is showing it.  So that pizza was looking really good, but if it was a long time then I did not want to do it.  As the waitress came back I went ahead and got a glass of their Porter and wife ordered her normal water along with some of the Santa Fe Spring Rolls.  The dips that come with those are fantastic.  We also asked our waitress about the pizza and she said it does not take long at all.  So there we go, we sprung for the pizza instead of the burgers.

Get to the Beer

Hold on.  Is this post about the pizza or the beer.  Well, the beer, but the Temple of Stone IPA came after as it was not on the menu.  This picture was on the table tent  which was not pointing in my direction.  It was only after I made my order that I saw it.  So the Porter had to downed first.  Not my preferred method of beer order, but what the hell.  I am NOT that much of a beer snob to have to keep particular order to enjoy beer.  Shoot me in the head if I ever get that far out.  With that in mind I will skip through how great the appetizer was, and that the pizza came out as we finished the appetizer.  Perfect dough with the right amount of sauce and cheese with a good amount of toppings as well.  Just in time for me to order another beer and so the Temple of Stone IPA was on its way!

See the picture with the cloudiness.  That is what I was expecting.  That was not the case.  I should have grabbed a pic so sorry for not thinking about it.  It looked more like a Pale Ale instead of a Wheat IPA.  According to the website it has wheat and elderflower malt in it which could explain the more clear look.   At 77 IBU there was a definite kick in it being provide by the Jarrylo and Belma hop varieties.   I like the aroma which was very subtle while the hop taste was very robust.  It was not a Wheat beer though.   I was convinced that I might have gotten the Pirahna instead so I asked the waitress to get me a sample of the Temple of Stone IPA just to make sure and she obliged.  Sure enough, it was the same one.  I am not a huge fan of wheat anyways so I wanted to be sure.  It was tasty nonetheless.

So, give it a try if you like IPA’s.  Great job on the brew.

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